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Every kids deserve a ride on car just like you must have a real one

When I was a child, there was no so many toys for me to play with my friends. All we have is totally from the nature which nowadays kids look forward like mud, stone, played in the river, leaves, sticks.

If one kid was given a toy, that toy is so simple one normally a plastic small car without electricl of course, this kid will be all of our leader in the next following days. He or she can ask anyone to follow his or her order do anything, and we were quite happy to do it so we can have the chance to play for the toy for a few minute.

I do have two treasure I remembered one is the old radio machine, but I never heared music or sound came out. It was more like a shinning decoration sitting in the middel of the desk quietly, I always try to pat her to wake up, dreamed one day my dad can fix it well.

The other one is a harmonica given from my grandpa. I was so so excited when passed to my hand, and he also showed me how to blow it, I always remembered the song I blow out, it is like a magic, it is so easy to blow out a music sound. Also it was give me a huge chance to show off in my little kids friends for a few days. One day morning, as usual when I made musics, one weired idea came to my mind what is inside to make out this music? I want to check out, how, yes, find a two rocks, knock it open. Yes, I did it and finding nothing, but I cried loudly for few hours not just because I lost my favorite only toy also the punishment from my parents.

I still remember the feeling of loss.
After I had two boys, every time I go shopping or take part in toys fair all I take back are toys they wanted.
Toys are the colorful dreams of each kid. Childhood is such a short time period, once passed it will never come back. Do not neglet your kids voice, they are more imagination than ours, in our eyes it is just a dragon, a truck, a toy car, but in theirs they are their small world !

Love your kids, listen to them more.

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